Mike Johnson - September 13, 2020

God Disciplines, Hears Prayers and Is Amazing!

The Bible tells us that God disciplines those He loves for our good. However, being disciplined by God is never easy. From Exodus 32-33, we see how this was true for Israel. We also see that God answers prayer and that He is full of glory and goodness. The truth is... God disciplines, hears prayer and is truly amazing! How will you respond to God today?

From Series: "Exodus - God's Way Out!"

Through a series of strange events, a Hebrew boy named Moses became a prince in Pharaoh's palace and then an outcast in a desert land. God visited Moses in the mysterious flames of a burning bush, and, after some discussion, Moses agreed to return to Egypt to lead God's people out of slavery. In this series we learn how God led Moses and the nation of Israel. Listen in and discover how God is ready to lead in your life too as we explore Exodus - God's Way Out!

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