Mike Johnson - March 7, 2021

Comforting and Confusing!

Do you want to have favor with God? What if that favor involved suffering? Would you still want God's favor on your life? In this message from 1 Peter 2:19-25, we explore these questions and discover that even when you suffer after doing everything right, you can be comforted and remain hopeful thanks to the Shepherd and Guardian of your soul.

From Series: "1 Peter: Be Hopeful - No Matter What "

Many first-century followers of Christ were suffering and being abused and persecuted for believing and obeying Jesus. Beaten and jailed himself, Peter knew persecution firsthand. He had seen fellow Christians die and the church scatter from Jerusalem. But Peter knew Christ and nothing could shake his confidence in his risen Lord. In this personal context, Peter wrote to the church scattered and suffering for they faith with this encouraging message: Be Hopeful - No Matter What!

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