Simon Price - October 10, 2021

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Acts: The Church that Jesus Builds

Imagine a group of people living in community, submitted to Jesus and His teaching through the power of the Holy Spirit and taking His Gospel to the whole world. This is the church. This is the book of Acts. It's church's story. It's God's story. It's our story to tell today because the church is not a thing that is done, but a thing that we are doing.

From Series: "Acts: The Church that Jesus Builds"

The book of Acts is a unique New Testament book in that its main purpose is to record a selective history of the early church following the resurrection of Christ. It is the second part of a two-volume work, with the Gospel of Luke being the first volume. In this series, we look at Luke's account of The Church that Jesus Builds and how it applies to Christ's church that He is building today.

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