Mike Johnson - May 17, 2020

Are You Prepared?

What if you had been one of the Israelites following Moses to the Red Sea - a sea you were about to walk through. Would you be prepared? There are only two answers - yes or no! In this message from Exodus 14, we explore the problems the Israelites faced, the plan God had for them and His purpose behind His plan. As we interact with this famous story, you'll be challenged to answer this question: Are you following God's plan?

From Series: "Exodus - God's Way Out!"

Through a series of strange events, a Hebrew boy named Moses became a prince in Pharaoh's palace and then an outcast in a desert land. God visited Moses in the mysterious flames of a burning bush, and, after some discussion, Moses agreed to return to Egypt to lead God's people out of slavery. In this series we learn how God led Moses and the nation of Israel. Listen in and discover how God is ready to lead in your life too as we explore Exodus - God's Way Out!

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